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Resurrection & St. Joseph




Weekend Masses

4:00pm Saturday - Resurrection

10:00am Sunday - Resurrection

8:30am Sunday - St. Joseph

Daily Masses

8:00am Monday- St. Joseph

8:00am Tuesday- St. Joseph

8:00am Wednesday - St. Joseph

8:00am Thursday- St. Joseph

8:00am Friday - St. Joseph

Effective August 1st

Daily Mass will only be offered:

Thursdays 8:00am - St. Joseph


Fridays 8:00am - Resurrection








3:00pm-3:45pm Saturdays

St. Joseph

7:45am-8:15am Sundays


 *Or by Appointment*

Effective August 6th

No Sunday Confession at

St. Joseph at this time. 


9am-2pm Monday - Thursday



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Letter from Bishop Daniel Felton 

Dear Parishioners, 


Fr. Justin Fish is concluding his sabbatical and is asking to take a leave of absence to further discern his vocational call to active ministry as a priest. After discussions and prayer with Fr. Fish, I am granting him a leave of absence, effective immediately. This leave of absence has nothing to do with any misconduct with a minor or adult. 


My granting his request for a leave of absence is based on his sincere desire intentionally to engage his spiritual director, priest mentors and me in a serious conversation and discernment of God's will for him as a person, priest and pastor in the days ahead. As the outcome to these conversations and that discernment is not known currently, it is a true openness to surrendering to the Holy Spirit and allowing the Holy Spirit to bring clarity to the discernment of Fr. Fish, not a minute sooner nor later than the Holy Spirit wills it. 


During his leave, Fr. Fish will remain the pastor of Resurrection Parish, Eveleth and St. Joseph, Gilbert. His faculties as a priest are not revoked. He may say a private Mass, but may not function publicly in his priestly ministry during this time.  


This request of Fr. Fish has nothing to do with you as parishioners. It is not something you said or something that you did that has caused Fr. Fish to pause his active ministry as a priest for further deliberations and discernment. Instead, in recent years, it is a deep yearning within him to confront his personal need for clarity, direction and purpose to God's mission for him in this stage of life. 


During this leave of absence, as Fr. Fish remains pastor of the parishes, Deacon Dan Schultz will continue as the administrator of the parishes and Fr. Timothy Cloutier will remain as the priest celebrant for both parishes. There is also a wonderful parish staff on board who will continue to serve you as parishioners. I do not anticipate any disruption to parish sacramental, faith formation and pastoral programs and services. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office. 


Additionally, whether Fr. Fish returns as your pastor or not, both parishes will remain open and active with a priestly presence in the future. 


I am here today to assure you that Fr. Fish is doing ok and that you will be ok as well. Please pray for Fr. Fish as I can assure you, he is praying for you. 



Bishop Daniel J. Felton

Diocese of Duluth

2830 E 4th St.

Duluth, MN 55812



Resurrection Catholic Church




St. Joseph Catholic Church


"We were slightly apprehensive about giving online, after all the use of the Sunday envelope is quite traditional. However, signing up and using the online giving option could not have been easier. The process was very user friendly. We set up our account exactly how we wanted it and without any issues. It is a secure site and we have never had any problems. We appreciate the convenience it provides us, especially now. Take a moment to watch the tutorial and sign up for online giving. Our church needs our continued support and online giving makes that possible."


~ Rick & Teresa Harvey

Resurrection Parishioners

"Online giving works for us.  It is convenient because we don’t have to mess around with envelopes and writing checks every week.  Plus it saves me time from having to get the envelope and write a check when we’re usually hurrying to get to church.  Payments can be withdrawn from your checking account but we set up payments from our Discover credit card once a month for St. Josephs on the middle of the month and UCA on the first of the month.  It’s easy to set up and easy to make changes too.  Plus we get 'points' on our credit card account for each payment and save on check costs.  And of course, during this COVID-19 stay-at-home event or if we are visiting the grand-kids, we can continue supporting the church without mailing in the contribution or making a special trip to drop it off at the office.  We recommend online giving.  It works for Colleen and I."


~ Bob & Colleen Finc

St. Joseph Parishioners


Parish News

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