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     Well, we are slowly settling into a new rhythm with the coronavirus protocols. We will have music at our services again starting in July. We are still not permitted to have congregational singing so the cantors will be singing alone with the organ. Instead of hymns the cantor will be singing the antiphons for each Mass. You may have noticed that we recite a scriptural verse at the beginning of Mass and during the Communion Rite at every Mass without music. Those verses are called "antiphons" and they are written specifically for that particular Mass--we call them the "Mass Propers". 
     In short, after the liturgical changes following Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) the documents of the Church gave three options for music. These are, in order of preference: (1) pride of place is to be given to Gregorian chant; (2) the Mass Propers (antiphons); (3) the Propers may be replaced with hymns. Despite this instruction, options one and two have gone by the wayside and while option three has become ubiquitous. Because hymns are replacing the texts written for the Mass, the difference between singing the antiphons and singing hymns is the difference between "singing the Mass" and "singing at Mass". 
     After coronavirus is over, we will continue singing hymns. Our choirs will continue as before. But we will also have the added leaven of the Mass Propers sprinkled in. In this way we are aligning ourselves more closely with what the Church is calling us to do in our corporate worship. --Please let me know if you have any questions!
     Grace & Peace!
     Fr. Michael Garry

5/23 Diocese of Duluth

Covid 19 Protocols

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"We were slightly apprehensive about giving online, after all the use of the Sunday envelope is quite traditional. However, signing up and using the online giving option could not have been easier. The process was very user friendly. We set up our account exactly how we wanted it and without any issues. It is a secure site and we have never had any problems. We appreciate the convenience it provides us, especially now. Take a moment to watch the tutorial and sign up for online giving. Our church needs our continued support and online giving makes that possible."


~ Rick & Teresa Harvey

Resurrection Parishioners

"Online giving works for us.  It is convenient because we don’t have to mess around with envelopes and writing checks every week.  Plus it saves me time from having to get the envelope and write a check when we’re usually hurrying to get to church.  Payments can be withdrawn from your checking account but we set up payments from our Discover credit card once a month for St. Josephs on the middle of the month and UCA on the first of the month.  It’s easy to set up and easy to make changes too.  Plus we get 'points' on our credit card account for each payment and save on check costs.  And of course, during this COVID-19 stay-at-home event or if we are visiting the grand-kids, we can continue supporting the church without mailing in the contribution or making a special trip to drop it off at the office.  We recommend online giving.  It works for Colleen and I."


~ Bob & Colleen Finc

St. Joseph Parishioners