Resurrection & St. Joseph




Weekend Masses

4:00pm Saturday - Resurrection

10:00am Sunday - Resurrection

8:30am Sunday - St. Joseph

Daily Masses

8:00am Monday- St. Joseph

8:00am Tuesday- St. Joseph

8:00am Wednesday - St. Joseph

8:00am Thursday- St. Joseph

8:00am Friday - St. Joseph





3:00-3:45pm Saturdays

St. Joseph


First Saturday of each month


  * No Saturday, 9:00am Confession *

July 2nd


9am-2pm Monday - Thursday

 * Or by Appointment *


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Parish Activities

The Bus is Back!!

EVERYONE is invited to join us on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 for Resurrection & St. Josephs Second Annual Pilgrimage!  We will begin our faith-filled day with Mass celebrated at St. Joseph Church.  After Mass we will travel to beautiful Schroeder, Minnesota to visit Father Baraga’s Cross.  From there we will make our way to the Northwoods Family Grille in Silver Bay.  Here we will be able to enjoy some time for fellowship as we converse over good food.  After lunch we head to Our Lady of Hope Parish in Hoyt Lakes.  This is the site of a prayer trail and a Shrine to Mary.  We will walk the stations and have time for prayer and reflection in beautiful Northern Minnesota. Please let us know as soon as possible to reserve your seat!   For a more detailed itinerary please contact the parish office at 218-744-3277 or email Janine at rsjoutreach@gmail.com.  To be able to plan accordingly we ask that you let us know by June 27, 2022 if you would like to join us.

Parish News

The Finance Committee of St. Joseph Church is following up on the St. Joseph’s Altar Sanctuary renovation project. It has come to our attention that there are some omissions on the plaque located in the main entrance of St. Joseph’s.  If your name is not on the plaque and you wish to be recognized for your donation, please contact Donna Sadar at 218-780-7274 or the parish office at 218-744-3277.


Resurrection Catholic Church




St. Joseph Catholic Church


"We were slightly apprehensive about giving online, after all the use of the Sunday envelope is quite traditional. However, signing up and using the online giving option could not have been easier. The process was very user friendly. We set up our account exactly how we wanted it and without any issues. It is a secure site and we have never had any problems. We appreciate the convenience it provides us, especially now. Take a moment to watch the tutorial and sign up for online giving. Our church needs our continued support and online giving makes that possible."


~ Rick & Teresa Harvey

Resurrection Parishioners

"Online giving works for us.  It is convenient because we don’t have to mess around with envelopes and writing checks every week.  Plus it saves me time from having to get the envelope and write a check when we’re usually hurrying to get to church.  Payments can be withdrawn from your checking account but we set up payments from our Discover credit card once a month for St. Josephs on the middle of the month and UCA on the first of the month.  It’s easy to set up and easy to make changes too.  Plus we get 'points' on our credit card account for each payment and save on check costs.  And of course, during this COVID-19 stay-at-home event or if we are visiting the grand-kids, we can continue supporting the church without mailing in the contribution or making a special trip to drop it off at the office.  We recommend online giving.  It works for Colleen and I."


~ Bob & Colleen Finc

St. Joseph Parishioners