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Weekend Masses

4:00pm Saturday - Resurrection

10:00am Sunday - Resurrection

8:30am Sunday - St. Joseph

Daily Masses

8:00am Tuesday - Resurrection

8:00am Wednesday - Resurrection

8:00am Thursday - St. Joseph

8:00am Friday - St. Joseph

(followed by 1hr of Adoration & Benediction)


St. Joseph

9:00-10:00am Saturday


3:00-3:45pm Saturday

*Or Anytime by Request*



9am-4pm Monday - Thursday


Staff will be in the office to answer phones

but the doors will remain locked. 

You may drop things off

or pick things up from the entryway. 

Please call ahead.

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     This past week there has been a media frenzy over a new Italian documentary in which Pope Francis appears to call for legal recognition of same-sex civil unions. Some have drawn from these comments that the Pope has changed official Catholic teaching. Others have raised further questions about the origin of the comments and their ultimate meaning for Catholics. Unfortunately, this is a complex issue that has led to much confusion among the faithful. 

     I would like to direct your attention to the two links below. The first is a link to Catholic News Agency's article responding to common questions about the Pope's comments. The second link is to a document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This document deals specifically with the question of legal recognition of same-sex unions and is part of the official teaching of the Catholic Church. 

     One thing is clear, the official teaching of the Church is not changed or abrogated by off-the-cuff comments in airplane interviews or in unofficial documentaries. Therefore, we will just have to wait for Pope Francis to clarify this issue.

     Catholic News Agency Article

     Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Document

Grace & Peace!
Fr. Michael Garry


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St. Joseph Catholic Church


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