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Weekend Masses

4:00pm Saturday - Resurrection

10:00am Sunday - Resurrection

8:30am Sunday - St. Joseph

Daily Masses

8:00am Tuesday - Resurrection

(except 2nd Tuesday of the month)

8:00am Wednesday - Resurrection

(followed by Adoration until 4:00pm)

8:00am Thursday - St. Joseph

8:00am Friday - St. Joseph

(followed by 1hr of Adoration & Benediction)



3:00-3:45pm Saturday

St. Joseph

9:00-10:00am Saturday

*Or Anytime by Request*


Monday 9:00-4:30pm

Tuesday 9:00-4:30pm

Wednesday 9:00-4:00pm

Thursday 9:00-4:30pm

Friday 9:00-12:00pm

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Update: 4/2/20

  • Joe Dosan is retiring from Resurrection maintenance position

  • Holy Week Liturgy Schedule

    • Palm Sunday — 9am (live stream: CLICK HERE)

    • Holy Thursday — 7pm

    • Good Friday — 3pm

    • Food blessing—Gilbert Parking—11am

    • Easter Vigil — 9pm

    • Easter Sunday — 9am

  • Updated Office Hours

    • Open Wed. April 8th 9am-1pm

    • Drop off envelopes or mail them in

    • Pick up Living Faith booklets

    • Pick up blessed Palms

    • Office Hours after Easter TBD

  • Are you or someone you know in need of catered meal on Easter? Contact me and we can arrange to drop one off ( Also contact me if you are interested in donating to the cause

  • Palm Sunday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: St. Joseph 12pm-7pm

    • Resurrection open to the public 11am-8pm

  • Mass streaming options:

    • Priests and Churches from around the Diocese of Duluth: CLICK HERE

    • Bishop Robert Barron's daily Mass: CLICK HERE


Update: 3/26/20 - Governor's Order

The Governor's recent executive order asks Minnesotans to stay at home from midnight on March 27th - April 10 at 5pm. Within this order there is the following exemption:

“Faith leaders and workers. This category includes officials, workers, and leaders in houses of worship and other places of religious expression or fellowship, wherever their services may be needed. This category also includes workers necessary to plan, record, and distribute online or broadcast content to community members.” (6, v., p.8)

With this in mind, we will:

  • Continue to record Sunday Masses

  • Continue to offer Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Sundays from 12-7pm

  • Continue to offer Confessions at the designated times and locations (see below)

***If you plan to participate in these necessary spiritual activities, please maintain the equally necessary physical distance of 6ft while doing so.***

We will NOT have regular office hours for the next two weeks. I would again request that you consider online giving, or kindly mail in your contributions for the upkeep of our parishes in the meantime.

Thanks & God bless!



Saturday March 21 — 9-10am
Wednesday March 25 — 5-6pm
Saturday March 28 — 9-10am
Saturday April 4 — 9-10am
Saturday April 11 — 9-10am

Sunday March 22 — 3-4pm
Wednesday April 1 — 3-4pm
Wednesday April 8 — 5-6pm
Friday April 10 — 5-6pm

Face to face (w/6ft distance) and behind the screen are available in both locations.


Try not to touch door handles, etc, as much as possible. Maintain social distance. —God bless you all! Let’s keep each other in prayer!




Mary (Secretary) - Mon, Tue, Thurs
Nicole (Bookkeeper) - Mon, Thurs 
Pam (DRE/YM) - Wed, Thurs
Ashley (DRE/YM) - Tue, Wed, Thurs



Cancellations at Resurrection and St. Joseph's:

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19, the Diocese of Duluth has suspended all public masses until April 20th. Below you will find the letter from the Diocese regarding the suspension.

We are currently working on ways for our parish to cultivate and engage our faith in the weeks to come, please stay tuned for more information, we will update you as soon as we have more information. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these difficult times, God Bless.

Parishioner, Gilbert

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